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Thread: What concerts are you looking forward to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by garrett View Post
    Only one week until the Clapton show in Atlanta!

    I ended up missing Tommy Emmanuel. Timing wasn't good.

    Yah-mon.................. 2 days until the Dirty Tokes show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albrecht Smuten View Post
    5th april, Pain of Salvation, support: Aneeke Van Giersberger

    Anneke is a talent. And a babe.

    Quote Originally Posted by veinbuster View Post
    He sure is. She puts on a heck of a show.
    Justin Derrico is animal. Super tasty playing and he can shred it up. I YouTube more Pink than I care to admit because of him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Albrecht Smuten View Post
    Aaaaaaaaaaah! That will be killer birthday!
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    I'm looking forward to seeing RUSH in Cincinnati, OH on July 2nd to celebrate their Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction (finally!).

    Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to the Dirty Tokes reunion in Muncie, IN (Yorktown to be precise) on March 23rd.

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