I've owned quite a few amps and cabs over the years. I basically like to play directly through the amp without a bunch of pedals. That's not to say that I don't add color sometimes, but I think the amp should speak for itself. I currently have two 2 channel amps. I thought I preferred the 2 channel C (I have one of the early first run ones), but I wanted a boost channel. So, while the C is back at its birthplace getting some surgery, I substituted my H that I bought at the last PRS Experience, which has the boost mod, and it sounds killer too. Both of these amps sound great in either channel, and they sound great with other guitars.

My current gigging setup includes an R9 and a SC HB II piezo. Both of these guitars sound KILLER through these PRS amps. My amp quest is over (at least for now). I am completely sold on these 2 channel beasts.