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Thread: Ever take a tool to your PRS?

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    Cool Ever take a tool to your PRS?

    Normally I leave "Set Up" to pro's but as I play more...I'm getting bolder about wanting my guitar HOW I want it to be...

    So the action on my P22 was pretty high after everything settled in... High enough that it bothered me playing some stuff up the neck. I was thinking about getting it set up and looking the guitar over there were really only the TWO bridge screws to adjust! So I started digging on our PRS site and found THIS:

    Which led me to THIS:

    So after reading it I got brave! Hey I was going to get it set up anyway, what have I got to lose? So I followed the directions and was able with a couple of cycles to get it back in "spec". All by my lonesome!

    So have you worked on your own guitar?
    If so and how far do you go?

    ->Man I don't even change STRINGS...

    ->Okay, I change strings but THAT is it

    ->I'll tweak small stuff, saddle heights, truss rod adjustments

    ->It's mine, it's all fair game! Pass the soldering iron!
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