NGD of a lifetime here today, the most stunning guitar I have ever seen, in my favorite configuration, a DC 245!!

You can always count on Brent for some mad creations in the Wood Library, but he has really outdone himself with this one! The pictures don't do it justice, is mind-blowingly stunning in the flesh.

How does it sound? Who cares! Worth the price of admission just to hang it on the wall as art! Just kidding, tone report to follow. Initial impression is that it is a ROCK MONSTER, a two note power chord sounds HUGE coming from this thing! More re tone later as I get to play it some more and BrianC and yankeebulldog chime in.

Don't expect to see any pics down the road of me gigging it.

Well done, Brent and the Private Stock team!!

Merry Christmas to me!