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Thread: Fear, Judgement & Posting Clips

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    Fear, Judgement & Posting Clips

    I was talking with a fellow forum member, yesterday, about posting tone clips. I've never heard him play but I get the impression he's probably a better player than he thinks. That said, we are all surrounded by professional guitar players. Even though we earn our living doing 'other things' we have this bad habit of comparing ourselves with people who have the ability to play for hours on end, every day, with other pros. I'm not sure that's a fair comparison.

    We don't really have to be as good as David Grissom to be respected by our peers, do we? To have opinions that matter? To be able to participate in discussions with those who might have a lot more talent and skill? I sure hope not.

    What would it take for you to feel comfortable posting a video of yourself playing a PRS guitar? Obviously the question isn't directed at our resident King of demos, the incomparable 8 of ♥'s (Mr. Chris Reynolds). I am asking myself the same question, by the way.

    Seems to me we could share a lot of information with one another that we aren't:
    • Tone reports without interpretation or subjective details lost in translation
    • Tone tips
    • New licks
    • Helping each other get out of ruts and stop using old crutches. You know what I mean... that same old run you've been using for way too long?

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