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Thread: Which Overdrive pedal and Why

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    I really like my V3 OCD. I have tons of overdrives, but the OCD just does what I want a drive to do!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Duncan View Post
    I really like my V3 OCD. I have tons of overdrives, but the OCD just does what I want a drive to do!
    The OCD is just a great pedal.

    I've always been able to count on Fulltone gear. First of all, it sounds musical and works in a lot of contexts. Second, it's well designed and built with minimal noise, good parts, etc.

    It's good stuff. Example: the Clyde wahs. Instead of using the standard zinc enclosure, Fulltone uses a custom steel one. That wouldn't be a big deal, except that the steel enclosure and the other parts used tend to minimize induced noise from nearby wall warts, etc. On a crowded pedal board, that makes a real difference - I know from experience with lots of other very good wahs! In a similar way, I find even the vintage style fuzzes quieter and less susceptible to RFI noise, and so on.

    Makes a difference. This is stuff Fulltone pays attention to.
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    It sure makes a difference for me. Have a few more pedals to try before I decide. I could never make multi channel amps work for me, it would have to be something with an added boost or second (dual) OD. That plus volume knob adjustments can get you 4 or so stages from clean to lead. Perhaps a Paul C. Tim, JHS Double Barrel, Jam Pedals Tube Dreamer88, Analogman KOT...

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    Haven't tried as many OD pedals as the other guys, but I really like my Maxon OD808.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harker1440 View Post
    If you can only have One overdrive pedal in your signal chain which would you choose and why?
    I ask because I don't generally use a drive pedal to dirty my amp I like the amp creating the dirt inhouse so to speak. Now I've owned a number of nice drives but basically they're window dressings. For those who use dirt pedals does it tonally make a difference?
    One of our own has his own signature pedal. Brent Mason plays his signature overdrive on all his recordings. Go to and check out his videos on their site.

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