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Thread: Upgrading PRS SE to Phase II Locking Tuners - Installation Piicture Story

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    I just received my Tremonti SE Custom yesterday ... AWESOME guitar!
    I'll be adding phase II locking tuners, new pickups, and maybe a US trem and other odds and ends.
    Not that the guitar really "needs" all of these upgrades, but I'm sure they will be benificial.
    Besides ... I like to tinker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdiers View Post
    And here it is with the Tremonti pickups installed. Holding off on the locking tuners, for now.
    And here are the Schaller Locking Tuners installed. Straight drop-ins with no modifications.
    : 2012 SE Tremonti Custom w/ Tremonti Pickups & Schaller Locking Tuners
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