When I was in my twenties.......a long time ago it seems now........I had a rig I was totally and completely satisfied with. A Charvel with a single Seymour Duncan Invader into a 1976 Marshall JMP non-master volume 50 watt head into a silver anniversary Marshall slant front 4x12. Just a cable from the guitar to the amp, no funny business. Ran the amp on 10 through a Scholz Power Soak to tame the level. To my ears this was a god-like tone full of saturated chunky goodness that you felt as much as heard.

Life happened and I had to sell off my gear, I am sure some of you can appreciate this.

Fast forward a quarter of a century later and I am now running a PRS 408 and ME into a PRS Blistertone through a paisley PRS 2x12 with a EP booster and various changing other pedals. I love the sounds i get from this set up. Fact is though that as good as I think this sounds now, in my head I hear the tone I used to get and wish for it.

Am I just never satisfied with gear as my wife says, or does this happen to others......did you ever have a tone you were totally happy with and still chase it now through never ending gear purchases, or are you fortunate enough to have your ultimate rig now? Love to hear your thoughts.