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Thread: PRS SE Custom 24 - Future Updates?

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    PRS SE Custom 24 - Future Updates?

    Hey, I'm looking to purchase a new guitar. I initially was looking at the Gibson faded series (now Junior series) but after playing some at Guitar Center I was a bit disappointed with the quality and began looking for different options.

    I'm quite fond of the PRS SE Custom 24; however, with NAMM 2013 looming near I am a bit worried that I'll miss out on some update to the Custom 24 SE and be left with something slightly outdated. Before I pulled the trigger I wanted to be cautious and ask you folks over here: Since PRS just recently updated the SE Custom 24, can any of you imagine a new 2013 model? I ask since I know Gibson likes to surprise it's customers with yearly changes. Historically speaking, does PRS too?

    In short: Buy SE Custom 24 now or wait a month after NAMM is over.


    PS: Feel free to post any opinions on the Custom 24 SE, though I'm pretty sure I can't escape bias over here at the official forums ;-)
    PPS: Question: Can Humbucker Covers fit on the 2012 Custom 24 SEs? The space seems really tight, I forgot to pay attention when I tried one out in store.
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