I found this a few days ago at a local Guitar Center fell in love the minute I started playing it. When he pulled it down from the "forbidden to touch area" behind the counter it had about an inch of dust on it and just looked nasty. I plugged it in more out of curiosity (I wasn't guitar shopping) to check out the tonal options of the 513 and was blown away. It played amazing (I was not expecting that due to it being neglected) and the tones were so awesome I knew I had to have it, but it was wayyyy out of what I could spend..until I noticed it was 3 years old! Then I knew I had some bargaining power! I really didn't like the price that I was quoted that night so I passed, but like all great guitars, the seed had been planted. So I called him today and asked if he was really ready to move it, if so I'd be in..and low and behold he was. I ended up getting it for almost $1200 less than it was tagged!! PERFECT!!! It had some surface and pick scratches but with the polish I have they came right out. Looks like it is brand new, not 3 years old. Very happy with it.

I assume it's a one piece mahogany body and to be honest, I'm not even sure the color! I think its a McCarty Tobacco wrap..but I honestly don't know. Any opinions on the color?