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Thread: Your specs for a private stock

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    Your specs for a private stock

    If you were going to spec out a private stock, what would you do?

    I'm thinking:

    Custom 24
    Faded indigo
    Quilted maple top and back cap on a mahogany body.
    Mahogany neck
    BRW fretboard
    5 way blade
    Celtic knots in paua with gold surrounds.
    Celtic knot on the neck heel
    Winged tuners
    gold hardware

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    Mahogany body and neck
    Flamed maple top with mineral streaks
    Braz fret board and headstock face with PS eagle
    Color like a 59 LP like Page or Green
    DGT pickups
    Phase 3 tuners
    Ted style head stock
    Fret wire like a 58
    Maple binding on neck and body
    I think that's it!

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    DGT body
    thickly flamed maple top
    Fade like a dragons breath with red outer into orange then yellow innner
    nautural back with belly cut out like a strat
    Highly flamed maple neck and board with the back of the neck stained bright yellow and glossed like the rest of the body
    DGT neck carve and frets
    matching headstock with the fade to match the front
    Private stock eagle on headstock in shell to match inlays on fingerboard with banner that says 'Danielle' on it
    Phase three tuners with maple buttons stained yellow to match yellow on fade and back of neck
    covered 59/09 bridge and a DGT neck pup
    stop tail- mixed hardware
    Inlays on neck like the MEQ
    Push-push for tone to coil split

    That should do nicely!
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    Singlecut - Semihollow flat back
    408 Electronics and pickups
    LR Baggs Piezo
    Braz Rosewood Neck
    Santana Headstock
    Faded McCarty Sunburst
    Hybrid Hardware
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    Down under, down under
    SC58 body
    Obeche in white wash, no cap
    Flamed maple neck 513 carve
    Ebony board and headstock veneer
    Birds maybe white outlines
    Phase III tuners, maple buttons whitewash
    3 x "408" bass pickups, flame maple rings
    5 way blade
    3 x mini toggles for splaping
    1 x push-pull to activate bridge PU (so you can have 3 PUs selected at one time)
    2 piece bridge

    Yes please!

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    Annapolis, MD
    Korina Mira body
    Bolt on 22 fret maple neck
    Santana Headstock
    24.5" scale length
    Powder Blue/white pickguard

    Someone please do this

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    Singlecut Trem body
    24 frets
    flamed maple top, Red Tiger finish
    korina body
    rosewood neck
    25' scale length
    new bird inlays are fine
    ebony board
    binding on body and neck
    HFS bridge, Dragon neck pikcups
    1 volume, 1 push-pull tone, toggle on upper bout, and a killswitch
    PRS Tremolo also has a trem up rout just like the Tremonti model.
    Phase II locking tuners

    Fund it. Because life is hard.

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    Hmmm...I just sat here for a few minutes trying to come up with one single idea for a private stock electric guitar that I already don't have with my production instruments.

    I couldn't think of one thing!

    Just saved myself a lot of dough.

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    I still like this ...

    PRS Private Stock #3568
    PRS Swamp Ash Special
    Mesa Mark V combo
    Fishman Loudbox Artist

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