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Thread: Anyone else into cigars?

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    I got a twenty stick humidor and gift pack from my brother in law, cigars, lighter, cutter........WIN!
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    I love smoking and I am smoking since last 4 years. I love the hooakh and cigar with different flavors. I am not sure how many people here are smoking hooah but I love to smoke hookah.

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    I was never a Cigar smoker, but up to the start of last year I was smoking 25 cigarettes a day and had been getting severe headaches for a few months (multiply the worst migraine you've ever had and multiply it by 1000 -excruciating and debilitating), and was diagnosed with 5 brain tumours, I gave up smoking straight away and have been smoke free for a year now. I made huge lifestyle changes hence the cycling losing loads of weight and spending the money I have saved from the cigs on buying quality food instead of chemically enhanced and fatty junk.

    Since I quit the tobacco the headaches have stopped the tumours are reducing in size (they are non-cancerous). One thing I have noticed and I don't want to offend anyone here but when I walk past a smoker I think geez did I use stink like that.

    I don't care whether you smoke or not and you have the right to abuse your body however you want, just wanted to make people aware that all the health warnings that we hear about smoking are not some propaganda bullcrap, I'm living proof of that.
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