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Thread: PRS SE Zach Meyers and recommendations

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    PRS SE Zach Meyers and recommendations

    I'm getting better at guitar and I'm ready to move up to a better guitar. I have played PRS guitars in stores and I loved 'em. I have read a little about the PRS Zach Meyers and I am interested, but I would like to hear some customer reviews first. I like to be diverse and play all types of music. If anyone could tell me how they like this guitar, how it plays, how it sounds etc. I would be very grateful. Also If you have any other recommendations about other guitars I would like that. I play all types of music and I (of course) like guitars that are easy to play, you know, where you barely have to touch the string to make a note ring clear.

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    I have the SE Akesson, which is fairly similar, and LOVE it. Picked it up on a whim and it was love at first chord. It has the ebony board and Tonepros bridge and locking studs that the ZM also has, and those features take the guitars a step up from the other SE's IMO. If you like the ZM, I would encourage you to try the Akesson as well, if you can find one. Im not saying the Akesson is better, their differences are minor, it's just a matter if personal preference. 24.5 vs 25 inch scale, pickups, lower cutout. Also, be careful of the lack of inlays - the inlays on my Akesson are dark, and it can be difficult on a dark stage to see them, and obviously the ZM only has the one inlay.

    The SE Santana, CU24, and Marsden are also killer guitars, so maybe give them a shot if you can!
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    I would hate to discourage a purchase but a little birdie told me that Zach is working on an updated SE with the PRS crew. Might be worth waiting to see the new concoction....

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