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Thread: Buy Back Guitars....

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    I'venever been so attached to one that I've wanted it back to the point where I've gone looking. There are a couple, though, that I would jump on if the opportunity presented itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopeful Sinner View Post
    My old Studio that Derek @ MGI has still kinda haunts me. Especially the thought of it with a 59/09 in the bridge position...
    You could end that haunting very quickly & inexpensively.......
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    The only one I got back was a '93 Custom 22 that I traded with a friend for something completely unique. I still have that unique guitar, but bought the Cu22 back after a couple of years. A couple of events last year caused me to re-evaluate which PRSi i was holding on to, I realised I wasn't using it much and recently let it go again in a different trade deal. So far I don't regret it.

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    I just bought one back that I had sold 2-3 years ago
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