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Thread: NGD - my take on a DGT

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    NGD - my take on a DGT

    I wasn't planning to order a new guitar last July.
    I was just picking up some guitars from PTC, chatted up Shawn a bit about making a SAS a Siggy.
    And I had some top finish ideas to discuss with the good Mr. Miles.
    And then a 'do you want to stop by the vault for a minute?'
    This meant I would have to stay a bit longer

    There were some interesting back options, but I ended up going with a simple bit of obeche, which I think of as kind of a secret weapon for backs.
    The tricky bit was finding the right fingerboard, I almost went with pernambuca, but wasn't 100% convinced it was the right choice. Then Paul Miles has a light bulb click and says "hmm...I think we could cut a fingerboard out of the top". We would also get a headstock, back plate, truss rod over and tuning pegs out of the top.

    All that was left was to pick a piece of birds eye maple for the neck.

    fast forward to the Experience, and my wife and I search out the private stock crew, learn they are about to start the guitar so have a chat with the build team about what we had in mind. They get excited and plan out how they can get 6 fingerboards to choose from.

    then to early December when the guitar shows up the day I leave the country for a couple of weeks, but I took a detour on the way to gramma's for Christmas to pick up this.

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