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Thread: PRS Strings...

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    PRS Strings...

    I have basically used the same strings (GHS Boomers in .10) for the last 20 years and decided to make a change...

    I remembered the feel of the stock strings from when I purchased my PRS axes new. So I got a few sets of them (PRS .10-.46) to see how they felt after all this time. I was amazed how good these strings feel and play, they make the guitars seem to come to life when they are unplugged as well. They have a lot more tone in the mids which is where I like my sound to be and have an amazing overall tonal quality, great sustain, and bend easily. I was blown away...

    So if you are in one of those ruts where something is not feeling right, or just can't get that sound you want... try these strings with a fresh set-up. It's like magic...
    ~ Matt

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    I just got a guitar set up from PTC with fresh strings and its completely changed my motivation to play again - so fresh!
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    So young and fresh. Not soiled or dirty. Never been played hard and put away wet. Not stretched out from the previous players. Shiny, bright and new. Inexperienced, yet willing to learn and please....

    Are we still talking about strings?
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