And no, don't quote from the Tommy Iommi school of fingertip repair...this is not nearly as serious. Thank goodness.

I did this to my Pinky finger last week, while practicing and overlearning the opening intro to "Sweet Child O'Mine". I was sick of making mistakes on the intro, so I figured about a half hour of constant repitition would give me the necessary muscle memory. And it worked. And it also did this....

After about a week, it has healed to the extent that I can play some lead with that finger. I put some of that "Nu-skin" on it also, so you see some of the residue...It just LOOKS unsanitary.

To paraphrase John Lennon from "Helter Skelter"...I DON'T have blisters on my fingers...I got a nice sliced pinky though.

What's the worst damage you've ever done to your playing hand(s)??