My experience with hi-fidelity audiophile stereo equipment ended in the '70's, just as I got married. Believe it or not, I still have most of the same equipment I had when I got married in November of '79. At that point, my search for new stuff basically ended. My wife is more tolerant of my equipment these days (I have become much better at concealing it ).

About a year ago, I bought some equipment on eBay, but I am currently unhappy with everything except my speakers. in the knowledge that I now have enough speakers to power several audio systems, please provide your thoughts and recommendations for the following:

1) knowledge basically ended with the Garrard zero-100 and the Dual 1220 series. I'd like to buy a decent turntable (under $600 please) that would complement my extensive vinyl collection.

2) Cartridges...again, my knowledge ended with the Shure M-95 ED, along with the Pickering and the Stanton hi-end cartridges

3) Receivers...most important, since the Denon I got last year was a disappointment. Want to be able to run the TV, DVD, CD, turntable through it, with great fidelity. My knowledge of decent receivers went out the window in the '70's but I always lusted after a good Marantz model. I see that what was great in the '70's can't accommodate today's equipment. 1970's Marantz REceivors don't know what CD players or surround sound is. And they certainly never heard of DVDs.

That's about it. I am focusing on upgrading the turntable/cartridge and installing a quality receiver that is made for today's surround sound systems. I appreciate any thoughts, recommendations and any comments as to what else I may need to purchase to round out a decent audiophile system built on a vinyl software platform.

I am good for speakers at this time, BTW.