NYE is approaching, the one holiday where you are socially obligated to drink champagne, stay up late, make empty promises, and kiss a stranger. The sexiest holiday next to Halloween, and slightly edging out Valentine's Day with regards to the potential of "getting down" with your mate. What are you going to be sipping on when the clock strikes midnight?

I admit that I could probably have a new PRS with the amount of money I spend on champagne each year, maybe not a PS or a ME but surely a used CE or Standard! I will drink it on an average day to make it seem a bit more special or just to "prissy" up a drab meal, it's not cheap but sometimes I think I am worth it.

One of the parts of being professionally fabulous that doesn't get mentioned too often is training. In order to maintain your composure while drinking on NYE it is important to prepare yourself a few days in advance, champagne has a way of getting to you pretty fast if you are unprepared, so I advise you to get a head start and grab one of those bottles you got from the past holiday, it is the responsible thing to do.

Vueve Clicquot Yellow Label 2010 paired with Jack's pizza.


I had this later on Christmas evening, the mild peach accents and biscuity aftertaste in the Vueve along with its initial attack, really brought out the subtlety of the Jack's sublime processed mozzarella cheese.