I was at guitar center today and I was looking at PRS SE's (Was planning on buying a custom 24 se or Mikael Akerfeldt model) when I noticed a used custom 24 for $1,500. I asked to try it and I immediately felt a huge difference between it and the SE's. It has a rotatory switch (I'm not familiar with these) and from looking up the number on the headstock it is a 1995 model. I've been looking to buy a new guitar for months and I normally put a lot of research into buying one but I went for the impulse buy and decided to purchase it. When I was being ringed up the guitar was flagged as pawned so it couldn't leave the store for another week. So now that I have a little bit of time to think about it, I wanted to get more advice on the model and price for the condition. It has a minor chip on the inside curve under the upper frets, a small scratch on the headstock, the gold bridge and tuners have faded some, and the back is pretty worn out. I took some pictures hastily because I was in a hurry. I appreciate any feedback!

PS. My musical tastes are mostly metal. I have an ESP LTD KH-602 as my main electric and want something a little more versatile but still able to play metal.