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Thread: 1995 used custom 24 advice

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    Not an artist pack (pretty sure they didn't exist then) as it doesn't have the rosewood headstock overlay. But it does have Mother of Pearl birdies which are my favourite and of course gold hardware which would have been quite a pricey option. All round a very nice player's guitar.
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    I think you got a pretty good deal. I'd estimate a "pre-factory" Cu24 with 10 Top, Birds, and gold hardware is worth $2000-$2200. Congrats, she's a beauty.
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    Don't let one that really speaks to you walk. A lot of regret will come later. If it's got that special somethin', keep it. Price shouldn't matter unless it's way off the mark, which this one is not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyMoonsRJT View Post
    Not so sure guitar center sucks....I have gotten killer deals done....for very good gear....I got a sick amp last night for a song at GC. I know some really good people who work in some of the stores. Hit or miss is a better way of describing it. Deal with people as opposed to the "institution".

    if the guitar spoke to you then that's what's important...hard to tell from the pics what the condition really is. There was a time when $1500 for a Custom 24 was a no brainier. Because the guitar was just bought in unless you know somebody chances are they will not be willing to budge on price for 3 months.

    +1. 1500.00 is more than a fair price for that guitar.

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