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Thread: 6 or 12 strings? Acoustic or Electric

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    6 or 12 strings? Acoustic or Electric

    What do you prefer to play when you are just hanging out? And are there any reasons for your answer?

    I love to sit and play my acoustic 12 string when I am in a mild mood.. but I love my Electric 6 strings through my PRS amps when I want to make some serious noise..

    Also it depends if my wife is home.. She prefers the acoustic...
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    I am always "just hanging out", and play a 6 string piezo electric.

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    Six string electric, unplugged, five feet away from an amp and picks.

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    I actually like playing unplugged on an electric when everyone's home. Sometimes plug into my phone with phones or real quiet through small speakers. I love acoustic, but I end up playing loud at some point.

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    It really depends on the day and time.
    I favour acoustic in the morning (I am up much earlier than the rest of the house).
    Acoustic in the lazy boy when vegging on sports.
    Electric in the evening.

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