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Thread: In the market for a new amp

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    In the market for a new amp

    So I am in the market for a new amp. Right now it's between the SE20 (head and 2x12) and the Blackstar HT20 (head and 2x12) Does anyone own the SE20 is it as good as I hope it is? Being a lover of all things PRS i am edging towards the SE20 just looking for feedback.

    Or should I just bite the bullet and get the Sweet 16 or the 2 channel H (more power then I need really)?

    I have a P22 with 53/10's as my main guitar for reference of what I will be playing through it.
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    I had an SE30 and returned it. Nice cleans but didn't like the overdrive very much at all.

    I have a Custom 50 2-Channel now and am blown away by it.

    If you've been looking at new SE amps, maybe look at some used USA PRS amps? Some pretty good prices can be found on stuff like the "30" amps and 2-Channel H amps as well, and IMO are better amps than the SE models.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapleleaf14 View Post
    I have a Custom 50 2-Channel now and am blown away by it.
    +1. I'd go for this PRS. However, if you go Blackstar, take a look at the Soloist 60 1x12 (and stack on a matching 1x12 ext cab).
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    The 2 channel H is a pretty good amp at a price that is not that far from the SE. Your amp can make or break your sound even with a PRS guitar. I have a P24 and got a new Carvin Legacy 3 amp and my guitar has never sounded better.

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    If you can swing the Sweet 16, Sweet 16+, or 2 Channel, do it! They are worth it, and you'll probably be happier overall than with the SE20. I agree with mapleleaf14's comment about the drive channel. It just didn't do it for me.

    I really don't like mail order, but clcwarlock's comment about the Legacy 3 is a good one. I have a V3M, and it covers so much ground. If you don't need 100w, check that one out. My two complaints about the V3M (and they are manageable issues) are: 1) you can't vary the wattage by channel--it's all or nothing, and 2) the two dirty channels are the same. For me, the middle channel has too much gain. It would have made more sense to me to have a lower gain OD channel. It's definitely not a deal breaker, as you can get some good lower gain sounds out of it.

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