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    Post PRS Accessory Shop

    I realize its suspect to get a gripe post for a low number "noob" to forum. Though new to this site, I was a member of BAM as well as a current member of the PRS Forums.


    Anyone had any dealings with the PRS online shop this XMAS season?

    Reason I ask, my wife purchased my only XMAS present(s) from the shop on 15 Dec. She received a confirmatory email that the order would be shipped in 5 days and would arrive by XMAS day. Credit Card has been charged.

    Low and behold no show by XMAS day (Its okay, I've probably been a bad boy this year, so Santa is working me over a bit).

    So 12/26 my wife calls PRS in Stevensville. They say its no longer handled in MD, but by the "sullivan group", and she has to deal with them, and they give her a number to call.

    Call Sullivan Group, put on hold for over 30 min... wife gives them the order number and they say they have to research it, and will call her back within an hour. By end of the day, still no call back.

    12/27, Wife emais and calls again... person puts her on hold and then tries to transfer her to another customer service rep. Gets cut off. Wife then calls PRS Customer Service and they say they'll look into it. She received an EMAIL (NOT A CALL) from PRS Customer Service THE NEXT DAY 12/28 saying the Sullivan Group was processing the order.

    As of today, nothing from Sullivan Group.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Thanks, Patrick (dadoffive)
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