So I actually picked this bad boy up a few weeks ago, but when I got it it was much more beat up than the store had initially explained. While this bummed me out, I knew Shawn and the PTC guys could fix it. Since its a older model I decided I wanted to keep it and have the work done. So I shipped it to PTC and just got it back. I must say, they knocked it out of the parkk.

Its a 2007 Mark Tremonti signature 10 top. They installed a new set of Tremonti pickups. They also replaced a bad pot, cleaned everything up, set it up and shipped it factory tuned to B for me.

This is my 2nd Tremonti. I love this model - its everything I love about the SCT and everything I'd change about it. Really digging the MOP inlays on the 07 model too.

Ill update the thread with better photos when I get a chance but I'm running around all weekend and wanted to get it up before i forget. Any marks or scuffs you see are merely dust/fuzzies from the case and wrapping.

Again - thanks to Shawn, Skitchy and PTC for turning what I thought was a mistake purchase to a guitar thats moved to the front of my pack. I love it!