Currently own a red flame McCarty semi-hollow body. Love it. Very playable. Like that it is very lightweight. Piezo pup sounds fantastic through a pa, humbuckers great through my Johnson Millenium. Now that I own one PRS, naturally lusting after another, particularly the green quilt top PRS 513. Would like to get opinions on the 513, especially the pick-ups as I have read some negative reviews on those elsewhere. Also, I like the fact that the controls on my McCarty are set back some and therefore don't crowd my pick-hand when palm muting. I'm somewhat concerned that the controls on the 513 might get in my way and would like to get the view of any current 513 owners. Also, the price on the 513 pictured below is pretty steep, like $11k. Seems like I might be able to get a custom made one new for less. Is the price reasonable or high? Thanks.

my prs:

the prs 513: