Foolishly (for my taste) I purchased a new 2012 Gibson, Les Paul, Gold Top Standard this year...all the bells and whistles, coil taps, etc... took me a few weeks to conclude that I just don't like the feel of it! So, here I am with this very pretty guitar sitting unused while I play on my Strat instead.

Today I had an opportunity to test drive a buddy of mine's Swamp Ash Studio; what an awesome piece!! So, with my budget blown on this Gibson, my questions to the forum are: Would it be an equitable (financially) trade to swap my Gold Top for one of these Swamp Ash beauties? It looks like the retail pricing is similar (within a couple hundred $). Also, what are thoughts on other PRS products in this price range that are comparable? Recommendations?

Unfortunately my buddy is not looking to get rid of his, so I'm going to hunt around on some other forums for a Vintage Cherry colored Swamp Ash to trade for.

Thanks for taking a minute to reply.


P.S. I'm in the Southern Maryland Area, any thoughts on a good trade/swap forum?