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Thread: Have You Hugged The Impetus?

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    Have You Hugged The Impetus?

    Dangerously close to WEDGE's thread, I know, but I thought of this before I saw his.

    Have you met the person who gave you the desire to play guitar and told them? Outside of family members, obviously.

    For me, it was Johnny Cash. I can remember my best friend and I standing on the cistern in his yard with me pretending to be Johnny Cash and him being Billy Graham (yeah, uh, I've "evolved" a bit ). When Johnny and June did a book signing here in 1987, I went to get the books and took a copy of Folsom Prison to get signed. I told my wife that I was glad I was meeting him in my 20s instead of when I was a little kid because I wouldn't have been able to speak then.

    Got to the signing, kind of hung towards the back of a short line, and finally got up to the man. He looked up and said hello, and I said...nothing. It felt like forever until I could finally speak, but I got to thank him for being the person who inspired me to pick up the guitar. I told him how grateful I was for that, and he thanked me. My only regret is that I didn't get my wife to go with the camera.

    Side note - after I was done with him, I was getting June's book signed, and she asked me how I wanted the book signed. I said, "Your name would be good", and there was this roar of laughter from my left - from HIM. Then he started calling people over and asking "Did you hear what he said to her?" I don't think my feet touched the escalators on the way out.

    Second side note - I got two copies of his book signed, one for me and one for my grandmother, who was a big Johnny Cash fan. This led to two months of lying to her about why I wouldn't loan her my copy of the book to read, until I gave her hers for Christmas. She told me for years she'd like me to take her to see him in concert, and we took her twice that year - the night of the book signing, and earlier that year at Ponderosa Park in Salem, OH. At that show, my wife took her up to the stage (they had a steady stream of people walking past to take pictures and just get a closer look), and my grandmother was thrilled because he made eye contact with her for a few seconds. I still feel good about that.

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    My answer in the other thread was, "women."

    Well, there was this one in particular I really wanted to impress the most. Later on, I married her.

    So yeah, I've hugged her.

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