I have a '94 Custom 24 that needs some work. The high E string has a chronic sitar-like buzz, open and fretted. 10 years ago the headstock was broken off above the nut and I had it rebuilt, but the tension on the string has never been right. Perhaps because the headstock tilt wasn't recreated in the rebuild. It played perfectly after I got it fixed, but after a while the string started to buzz. I'm open to any degree of treatment. Is replacing a neck on a Custom 24 possible? I'd want to reuse the fretboard and re-fret it with DGT wire. The 5 way rotary switch is also broken. I'd also be interested in changing the pickups, maybe try a 3 way switching system and coil tap like on a ME4. It was such a great sounding and playing guitar, would it be worth fixing and updating?