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Thread: Brazilian Rosewood Mccarty (limited run of 250) PICS PLEASE !!

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    Found this one on the old Birds & Moons forum. It's #177 with soapbars.
    Actually... you found those images right here on the Official PRS Forum. I had those photos taken a few months ago. I love BRW McCartys!

    I'd love to see this thread try to collect all 250! Here is number 168 (which I recently sold to FlukePete).

    And here's one that passed through my hands a few years ago in Turquise (pretty uncommon color). No idea which number it was. The seller (GC) had lost the hang-tag and back-plate.

    And then there was this one (#139). It has an AMAZING black neck. It now belongs to my friend Shigeura San.

    And then there is the MOB. It pre-dates the limited run.

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