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HTTR !!!!!!!!!!!
+1 great game

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Skins, who what of thought take a number of weeks ago. Hail to the Skins
Definately wouldn't have thought it would end this way when we were 3-6 . Gotta love it

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Thank you, Shawn!

I'm writing this at 10:55 PM Central Time... Smell that??? Aahhhh, beautiful, isn't it? No, it isn't a nice fire going in a fireplace, although tonight will be a good night for that since more snow and ice is supposed to be blowing in. No, that smell is the smell of The Plowboys' season going down in flames. To their fans, and the good guys on the team, I'm sorry. To Jerry Jones, whose money and profound lack of class has failed him yet again, I offer nothing but a ripe raspberry.

The Redskins may not go far in the playoffs, but as long as they won tonight I'm happy. Anything else is gravy.


I'm with you on this Lloyd , as long as we swept the cowgirls and won the division its all gravy after that