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    ME1 makeover

    Well I finally got to try my new pickups today. I'd never been completely happy with the RPs and the problem only got worse after putting 57/08s in my McCarty so.........I started with the 53/10s (TM) which did sound spectacular, but I think they'll be a better fit for my SCHB Std. The spare 57/08 (TM) bridge was a definite step in the right direction. Changing the neck pickup to the 59/09 (non TM) really seemed to suit the guitar and sounded great split. The final change to the 59/09 (non TM) bridge convinced me that this is the combination this guitar has been waiting for. The tapped sounds with both pickups on was quite sublime and were all the mixed and neck only settings for clean sounds. The bridge pickup is simply a great rock tone and really comes to life with a little dirt. Overall the 59/09 set balance each other out very nicely. The only regret is that during the testing I tried one full HB and one tapped (both ways round) and really liked those settings too, but I can't get them without drilling holes - which I won't do to the ME but probably will do to the SCHB.

    I should also mention that I added two resistors to the coil-tap circuits but played with the values a bit, settling on 2.7k for the bridge and 2.2k for the neck. Either way the final tapped sounds are really very useful. Here's a couple of new pics.....

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