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Thread: ME1 makeover

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEDGE View Post
    I had a gorgeous MEQ that I sold off because I didn't like the sound of the 53/10s, too vintage and warm, if I had dropped in 59/09s I likely would still be playing it.........

    Thats kind of what I'm thinking. I love the way my quatro plays but just not a fan of the 53/10's
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    I've never been a huge fan of the RP pickups (bridge specifically) either, Mike. I bet the 59/09s sound great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MykeWright View Post
    The only regret is that during the testing I tried one full HB and one tapped (both ways round) and really liked those settings too, but I can't get them without drilling holes
    Use 2 push/pull pots (one on vol and one on tone) and split each pup individually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _pete_ View Post
    Use 2 push/pull pots (one on vol and one on tone) and split each pup individually.
    I have considered that, but when discussing this with Ron Thorn, he said that the quality of the volume pot is the most important aspect of the on board circuitry and that he hasn't found a push-pull or push-push pot of high enough quality to use in that position, so I've tended to avoid that so far. I may try it at some point in the future as I'm not 100% happy with the volume taper and WD parts do some push-push pots that look to be fairly high quality.
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