Hi guys,

One of my main weapons is a 2012 P22 with RW neck.
I choose the RW mainly for tonal reasons (although it looks good too).
it has a more even freq response and works really well with the new "special" pickups I have in it
Two single coils mounted side by side in neck hum position, makes it a H-S-S
PRS with the most convincing strat tones I have yet to hear from one
and so did the main PRS representative in Ikebe, Tokyo that has seen hundreds
and hundreds of regular and PS pass his store, he couldn't believe he was hearing a PRS,
so I am very very happy with this, really best of both worlds!!!

But, I digress... On topic..
I had problems whilst in Shanghai, especially with humid the outdoors performances
that the neck quickly felt "sticky". For me having super dry hands, and never even getting dirty
strings, this is a very uncomfortable feeling. Don't get me wrong, it's nto like it really affects
my playing, it's just that its such a marked difference between this and my McCarty 58 neck.

So, I know most say you shouldn't need to finish RW, but for the reasons given above,
I'm considering doing so. I'm thinking shellac would be a good option, using just a sponge and a
shammy outside, putting it on in thin thin layers, on the back of the neck only (not the fretboard I think?)
What does the expertise say?