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Thread: New Game: The Picture Clue Thread

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    New Game: The Picture Clue Thread

    here is another game to complement our growing "song title game". this one requires a bit more ingenuity.

    Rules are simple...put together a group of pictures that, when "deciphered" provide a common phrase....I typically use song titles, as they are easier to figure out.

    Edit...this rule will increase potential participation....

    BTW..hint for posting...a lot of us can't see photos from photobucket (or equivalent) from work computers. it's always best if you can copy a photo as opposed to placing a link...when photos are copied from a link that we can't access, we can't solve the puzzle. Of course, sometimes you're limited in the photos you can use..but, whenever possible, try to copy and paste a photo instead of posting a link to the photo.

    I will get started with a super easy one, to get everyone aclimated to the game. If you solve a puzzle, it would be great if you could follow up with clues of your own. Mark, get set...GO!!

    1+1 = ????

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