i have the 2002 custom 24 and love the neck, the pickups, tuners, body weight and over all feel but hate the 5 way rotary as this is starting to pop a little, if i were to change the system to a 3 way with push pull would that decrease the value of the guitar? and i noticed there is a standard 3 way push push pull replacement and a macarty push pull what is the difference? im torn if not to go to a lespaul as i dont really care for the splitting but i know its there if i need it in a push pull but feel the rotary would be a nitemare live,as i would really tend to use the 1,3,5 mostly anyway and only use the splitters for more single coil tones, im also going to have to get strap locks i dont care for those buttons... one last thing i have inquired on buying new saddles as the last three have some tarnish wear, it looks like brushed finish but not real sure which saddles to buy, i kinda like the saddles with the brass inserts but im sure if that would be feesable as i would have to change the whole set, anyone actually changed over to the 3 way is it alot of soldiering? thanks sorry for the disorganized questions..