Okay, we all talk a bit about our favorite guitarists, but what about the other guys? Who are the non-guitarists that influence or inspire you?

Let's start with drummers, then we'll move to musicians.

For me, the top three are Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio and Keith Moon. Moonie is like a polar opposite of the other two, but the joy and excitement he brought to his playing gets me. Bozzio is one of those guys who just makes you wonder what he'll come up with next. I saw him play a lead drum solo with Missing Persons on "U.S. Drag" - not a traditional solo, but something more akin to a guitar solo.

And good lord, but what can be said about Neil Peart? Simply mind-blowing.

So, how bouts it?

(And yes, I plan to milk this idea through all of January!)