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Thread: My Nephew Got His First Guitar Today

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    My Nephew Got His First Guitar Today

    My Nephew Got his first guitar for his birthday today...if I had known I would have given slightly different input as to which guitar he should have gotten...however...that being said...

    It was a First Act Strat and I tried it out through a little solid state practice amp that came with it...and I was shocked at some of the sounds I could get out of it and the overall playability of the guitar?!?! It intonated pretty well and the fretwork seemed to be decent...albeit tiny frets (please keep in Mind all I play in terms of Brands these days are PRS and I have a pretty high standard of what good fretwork actually is!). It was better than a lot of Squires and Epiphones I've picked the heck could that be?

    Anywhoo he just turned seven and he was so excited to show me his new guitar....asking me if I could give him lessons when I had time...which I of course agreed to! It was nice to see a kid so into it and at least having a semi playable guitar to start with. If you had seen my first electric you would all probably wonder how I actually stuck with playing! I of course showed him the prerequisite Smoke On The Water Riff...his eyes just lit up when he realized he could actually make music as opposed to just bang on the strings...and he gave me this big missing tooth grin!!! (He recently had a visit from the tooth fairy). The whole thing just made me smile.

    I bought my oldest (he is now 5) his first 3/4 sized Strat at the age of 2 1/2...I think it's important to get guitars or instruments in general in their hands early! My two boys have already laid claim to some of my PRS...and in the long road they will get all of them.

    Do you guys have similar stories about seeing a kid with a guitar in his or her hands for the first time?
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