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Thread: It's Getting Better All The Time

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    It's Getting Better All The Time

    My Tonare has reached that point (I've owned it for about 9-10 months) where it's getting better sounding every single time I play it. You can hear it opening up and just being able to create more tone colors with each play.

    What a phenomenal instrument!

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    Man, Les, that thing is beautiful. I played my first Tonare at Washington Music last week. Truly amazing.

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    You wound up winning me over with that smokey blonde all maple color also. I got a $aving$ set aside for a PS Angelus 12 string.......whenever PRS agrees to start building them...........and I decided on that color and wood combo too.

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    I absolutely love that one, Les! Looks like a dream (having firsthand experience with the CF truss rod now, I know she plays like one too!) and no doubt has tones as gorgeous as the aesthetics! I would love to order a Private Stock acoustic at some point in life, just no idea when that will happen! Envy you on that one though, what a beauty!

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    Thanks guys, it sounds better than it looks, and the looks aren't too shabby!

    Definitely a great color, Charismafire!
    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken...


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