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Thread: favorite guitar solo?

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    deus ex machina
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    While Deep Purple was the first neoclassical fusion band, Blizzard of Oz was the album that kicked the neoclassical fusion movement into high gear. If I had pick a set of solos in an Ozzy Ozborne tune, it would have to be the solos in "Mr. Crowely."

    With that said, Skunk (a.k.a. Jeff Baxter) did a great job with the single note work on "My Old School." The song is a syncopation masterpiece. Steely Dan is the only group that I listened to as a teenager that still leaves me in awe today.

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    Any Sco fans in the house? Saw him over here in CT last week - unbelievable every time. Such feel

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    It's no secret that I'm a Megadeth freak. My all-time favorite song, with my all-time favorite solo, has to be "Lucretia". Marty's solo not only boggles my mind, but it stirs some serious emotion as well. Solo runs from 2:08 to 2:43.

    Another guy I've always loved is Blues of those "too young to be that good" types from the 90's. His song "Elvis Talking" ranks as one of my favorites. Suuuuuch a great groove...

    Last one...has to be Richie Kotzen. Okay, giant soft spot because he's a Pennsylvania boy. The guy is an unreal guitar player/songwriter/vocalist. So friggin' good. Granted, this is a song he wrote while with Poison; but honestly, I credit his influence as the primary driver behind the best album Poison ever made (IMHO).

    Heh...check it out. Under my name, it says "member".

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    John Lennon and George Harrison of " The Beatles" playing 2 strats in unison lead on " Nowhere Man"
    Great guitar solo!

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    Here is mine...Prince is a beast.

    - Dane

    “He had a voice that could make a wolverine purr and suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiodeblanc View Post
    I like this one.

    I love the Fuzz from Ernie..

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    Quote Originally Posted by slang05 View Post
    For anybody who has never heard Neil Zaza check this out. Melodic shreding!

    Over 25+ years ago, I was in Anchorage at a business convention. I was alone, and my first night ever there I was looking for something to do, and I discovered a music store called Mammoth Music within walking distance of my hotel. While at the store, I asked if there were any local bars with live music close by. The salesman told me that they were having a live demo by a very talented young player, Neil Zaza. I went and was one of about 20 in the small room.

    Someone asked about the guitar that he was playing, and he replied that it was a Music Man Van Halen. He then said that he'd been searching for a stop tail version, but he'd had no luck. I raised my hand and told him that I knew where one was for sale. He asked if I could meet him after the demo. That started a friendship that lasted all these years. I don't see him often, but we've gotten together a few times over that period, and I always seem to bump into him at NAMM.

    He's one heck of a nice guy, and one hell of a player, as you can tell from this video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vchizzle View Post
    Yes, Alex is great. first speeding ticket was due to the chords that start that Kid Gloves solo...the way I see it, Alex owes me 40 bucks!!

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    Michael Schenker on "Rock Bottom" and "Lights Out".

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