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    Wow, that run genuinley bums me out. I've been dying for them to do a limited run of special tops in US production ever since the run of 40 Burl Tops
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    Never seen that before, but I read mention of it here last week.
    Looks like SpotLight Music put in a request to PRS for a small run of 25 on these 2012 models only?
    Beautiful looking guitar!

    Kind of wish the back of the neck of mine was finished clear so I could see the maple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slang05 View Post
    Yeah, that's weird! I thought the McCarty would never go away.i thought it was a staple to the line.
    I think the point is that the 408 is the new McCarty...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MA Pete View Post
    I think the point is that the 408 is the new McCarty...
    I think you're right.

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    I bought a 25th anniversary se custom24 in blue matteo with gold hardware that was limited run i try to keep up with their site to see anything wild or different wish i had some cash to buy the spaltedtop

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    Quote Originally Posted by slev View Post
    CU22 w/57/08s in the Lemondrop finish would be sweet.
    that's what is making me drool right now.

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    Definitely going to try and get a Schon model when I can. Huge fan and love that design of the 15.

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