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Thread: Looks like the PRS amp line has evolved

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    Looks like the PRS amp line has evolved

    This is an interesting reorganization of the broad offering that PRS has in their amplifiers. Compare that list with the main product page of the website. Out with the old, in with the new...but nothing revolutionary, per se. The entire Dallas line is conspicuously missing. The 2 Channel 'C'; is that now the CAD 'Custom'? A modded MDT...nice. Big changes are afoot. But where's a lower wattage CAD amp? We heard about a 30W HXDA, but could there be a 15W-25W CAD amp in the making, to match the standard line? Rumors were circulating about a Grissom 30W collaboration, could this be that missing link?

    It looks like Markie got everything he asked for in an amp...LED footswitch + lead boost. I expect someone to be getting a 'Custom' amp soon. But does it have a Hayboer or Cinemag tranny? Specs state both, leaving me a bit confused. Either way...

    Regardless, the new models look very compelling and something worth making a special trip to Lexington to check out,
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