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    Ye Olde birds this way incometh

    I've been a big proponent of the old moon inlays for a long time. For me, I prefer a guitar that has a solid finish, or something transparent over unfigured mahogany, etc. No fancy flames or other eye candy. I like guitars to be understated in their beauty. However, this time, I went old birds simply for the sake of the rarity of this model.

    I had an 08 Mira which I stupidly sold for some reason. Every USA PRS I've had and sold (all 2 of them, hahaha), I have regretted. The Mira I regretted selling prior to it even leaving my house. However, I have had several SEs, and while they've all been really great bang for the buck guitars, they lack the "je ne sais qua" of just about every USA model I've ever put my hands on. I even had two recent used SE purchases, but for some reason I found both to be lacking something... but then most guitars do when put up against the mighty 05 CU22, the continuing king of my stable.

    Recently I was shopping for a 2x12, and in the shop I played a used Mira. The one I played had the pastel lilac finish which I didn't care for, plus a wide-thin which is another "no". But the playability was very nice and the tone was fantastic. It convinced me I should get another Mira for sure (an my wife too, hahaha). A new one being out of my price range, and used ones coming up so rarely on the forums, I had an ebay search set up to email me daily.

    This one came up at a nice price. The seller added covers to the stock pickups, otherwise it's stock. Should be delivered tomorrow after UPS has taken an exceptionally long time with it, including leaving it in a trailer in sub freezing temperatures for 36 hours due to a "local service disruption". Vintage Cherry. Regular neck. Old birds.

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