What finishes would you like to have in your stable JUST for the sake of having a guitar that color? Pictures would be great, if possible.
Grey black - classic PRS color, I'd love an older custom

Natural on Swamp Ash

Gold top

Tiger Eye

White Tiger - WTF is not to love?!?!

Faded blue(this is blueberry) - I've always been a sucker. This will be in my possession shortly. Kinda poor lighting/camera accuracy.

Last but not least. If I could do a PS SC-58...it would be frostbite burst. I haven't ever seen it done, I think it would look amazing. Light in the middle, slowly getting darker to the darker grey blackish color around the edges. Not sure if I'd go tear drop burst or just around the edge burst. Natty back. Ebony headstock overlay. Silver outline, probably paua center birds. The etched ivory would probably look awesome too. So, if anyone ever does, or has done that color, I'd love to see it. I might cry.

Some of these pics came from TGS and Willcutt's when I googled the colors. Thanks for loaning them to me