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Thread: PJ20 Discussion Thread

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    PJ20 Discussion Thread

    I'm totally biased, but I loved it. I was too young to understand the hype about them the first time around (born in '84). I first got into them when Yield was released; and although that album gets lots of flack... it's in my top 10 of all time.

    In any case, I thought this doc was well done, showed the good and the bad (Singles Release Party) of a band that seem to continue to do their own thing. Lots of great gear... I'd love to have a rip through one of those savage amps! I wish there was a rig rundown. It was neat to see them as fans of other bands, and I didn't know about the relationship with Soundgarden in Seattle.

    I took my girlfriend to see this in theatre when it came out, after we had seen the tour 2 weeks before. We had been both been fans in highschool, but she didn't really know anything about the history of the band. I knew a lot more, but nothing about the strain within the band at times, like after Roskilde, and when Eddie was driving himself to venues. Now we're married, and watched it again the other night, and she says this is one of the better ones that I've made her watch.

    It's probably my 2nd favourite Rock-Doc of all time.

    What did everyone else think about it?

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    Loved it. Watched it on tv(Palladia or something). Bought the blu-ray, but haven't watched it yet. I thought it was very well done. Brought back a lot of memories for me. I got into them right away when they broke - '90 or 91. Was a band I was really into when I first started really writing music. Need to watch again really soon.

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    I thought it was really cool that Cameron was around to film stuff so early in their ascent to becoming superstars, if not from the very beginning. I was a punk rocker in high-school when they came out so I found it hard to accept that cowboy hats, flannels , and classic rock was part of the new "alternative" scene, I guess I was (and still am to some degree) a snob.

    Great players, good songs, and a welcomed reprieve from Hair metal and shredders, but I do credit the "Seattle scene" with making Neil Young "cool" again though, not a positive thing in my eyes. I also found the movie to be really well done.

    What I was surprised about by watching this is how dependent I am on music as a mood enhancer, I had to watch a Rick James concert to even out after two hours of PJ. Something happened to me around the age of 30, if it has distorted guitars and is not Slayer, I kind of loose interest pretty fast.

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    It was great. I do prefer Immagine in Cornice though for a more musical experience.

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    I never got into the Grunge scene, so I didn't get emotional about this movie. Having said that I thought it was well made and entertaining (if a bit too long). I respect Pearl Jam as a band and the influence they've had on music. Eddie's vocal style has spawned countless rip-offs (the cage match between him and Scott Stapp was awesome). I think the music world needs more principled bands like Pearl Jam, so my hat is off to them.

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    I enjoyed this one quite a bit. I was a big fan of Mother Love Bone so I naturally gravitated to Ten and the Temple of the Dog records. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much coverage about Andy Wood in this doc... They never released a record that had the same vibe as the first one and it was very interesting as to why things went that way. I think Eddie taking over the band was a blessing and a curse. It took them down the path to super stardom but I can't help wonder what would have been if the guitar players had still been running the show for all these years??? All in all, great film!!! Nice choice Jarek!!!

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