I was just drooling over some of the new PRS models, and thinking back over my experiences with a variety of guitars over the years. And I realized that despite my age, I am a fairly modern person. This includes my choice of instruments. Lots of my colleagues, young and old, have different tastes. My son, for example, loves old instruments, and usually plays instruments designed in the early 50s, the Tele and the 335.

I have owned both in the past, have enjoyed their tone, and lived with their idiosyncracies. But for me, the Tele feels fairly primitive, and while I dig the sound of a good 335, working with one reminds me of handling the 1953 Buick Special Sedan I learned to drive in (thanks to Detroit's legendary Arrow Driving School and the incomparable Mr. Flashner). The steering wheel on that thing must have been a yard in diameter. And let's not talk about the drum brakes, lack of seat belts, and full metal dashboard. Sleek and sassy it was not.

In contrast, playing a PRS has always felt more like driving a new car. It may not look as vintage and interesting as that '53 Buick, but there's a certain charm in sleekness, ergonomics, efficiency, and performance.

So...I was thinking that one of the reasons I really like PRS is because they're advanced, modern instruments that, at least to me, have left behind the designs of the 50s that other companies have been simply reissuing ad infinitum. This even extends to models like the SC, which to me feels different in important ways from an LP.

Are you modern? Traditional? Or do you just like fancy wood?