I recently got a se 245 and othet than some strange mark in the finish I love it. I really just got it to try something different with the thick body and single cut. Main surprise was how much I liked the neck. It feels great in the hand. So I thought that I have finnaly found my brand I would look for something to compliment it. Something that's like it but different.

Really liked the specs on the new se clint model just don't like the inlays. Silly reason to not like it but things like the weird smudge in the wood on my 245 draw my eyes and bother me.

So I was thinking the custom 24. From what I read the difference between wide thin and fat is more shape. I have a original wizard neck on my ibanez so its about as thin as guitar necks get. Don't really like how super thin it is. I wish the neck on my 245 was just a touch thinner so maybe wide thin is the way to go.

So in the end I want something that the 245 is not so its easier to justify another guitar.