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Thread: Dave or Sammy?

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    Dave in his prime.

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    Not into the arena-rock-overblown personality-showbiz BS of either one, actually. But I recognize that each of us has different ideas about what they find entertaining.

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    Sammy Hagar is a "Show-man" David Roth is a "Showboat"

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    The time I saw VH live, it was with Sammy, and I was really impressed with him as performer.

    But there was nothin' like the swagger that VH had with DLR for the first 4-5 albums!

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    For me it is not who is singing for VH. I look at the band as a whole.. and it always comes down to Eddie. I like all 3 lead singers...
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    "Back in the day" Both.... ya it's a cop out but they both had great songs. Dave's show was better, Sammy sings a bit better...

    Current day? Sammy still brings it.

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