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Motown was HUGE when I was in high school. It was a symbol of progress for my generation in Detroit in the way kids of different races began to relate to each other. Everyone was proud of Motown music. We were excited about it. In a big way, the music was a bridge for understanding at a time when big changes were occurring all over America. Yes, that sounds corny, but there you are. It was especially important in the magnet school I attended in Downtown Detroit, that had 4500 kids from all over the city, from all backgrounds, and had been the high school of some of the Motown stars.

We formed integrated bands to perform both Motown music and other rock music. We started integrated clubs, and the clubs had dances that were fun and successful. It felt wonderful that everyone was closer; we'd be beaming with mutual admiration after a gig. Yeah, that sounds corny now, too, but it meant something in the 60s.

I don't think it sounds corny at all, I think that is one of the great things about Motown and a true testament to the power of music. Some people tend to forget (or never knew) that there was a time in this country where in some states it was illegal to have an integrated group of musicians playing on the same stage!

You (Les) and I have had a couple of good debates over a few subjects in the past that may have come off as uncomfortable for the people who were not involved, so I know first hand what it's like to go head to head with you and it's always FUN! So no worries if you think I'm offended, in all honesty I was looking forward to your insights about the subject matter when I originally posted this thread.

Doc don't do Motown, that's cool. I don't like tomato's but I still love pizza, that doesn't make much sense either, but there it is. I would expect a little resistance if I posted a comment on a thread about tomato's belonging in the dairy section though.

Carry on.