OK, so a few weeks ago I'm looking for a guitar, cruising every used site I can find. From all my looking I fall in love with a 25th Anniversary Swamp Ash Special w/Narrowfields. I've had Singlecuts, Customs, McCartys and was looking for something different. So I watch all the video reviews I can find and I love the tone. Perfect. I think to myself "Self, that's a kick ass guitar that would go great with your 513". So, I start calling guitar centers that have used ones (I'm on a budget of $1500) and find one at the Hallandale FL GC that will ship it, tax and everything for the $1500 I was budgeted by my financial CEO (wife). Buy it last Friday, gets here Wednesday. First off, the case was scuffed to no end..No problem, just a case. I take the guitar out of the case, dirty as crap with a few major dings on it. No problem, I can clean it. So I clean it, string it and plug it in. WOW! Plays like a dream come true..a few little tweaks..perfect..but the tone was a bit off. Now I was expecting it to be a bit thin, kinda tele meets strat, but it just didn't work for me. So I tweak and tweak and think I have it pretty good. So I do a little recording, and there was just something about the bridge pickup on overdrive. Now granted, I was expecting it to be kinda this way, but there was just a nasty high end overtone to it I couldn't shake. So I plug in my 513, switch it to single coil mode, record the same thing.. Sounds perfect! So long story short, I messed with the SAS for 2 days and could not get my tone. I tried every trick in the book (book as in my brain and google) but to no avail. I cannot tell you how bummed I was to return it to GC today. The guitar was so pretty with its Sapphire Blue Smokeburst and the neck, omg, I love PRS maple necks..it played so good, but I knew I would never be happy with it. I knew when I ordered it, that this could happen and was one of the reasons I choose Guitar Center so I could return it if I didn't like it. If I could afford several guitars, I would've kept it. Even though the "rock" tone i was needing wasn't quite there, there were several very cool tonal options especially with the neck pickup. Very Cool. But since the CEO is limiting me to 2 guitars (we're house shopping) I couldn't keep it. I think I just need a Custom 22 with coil taps! So back to my search for a little brother to my 513!